16” Empire Lampshade All Year Hellebores – SOANE

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This Empire paper shade is made of finest Belgium wallpaper with a fire-resistant lining inside. It Is completely handmade in England and the edges have a hand rolled finish. The Duplex shade comes with a shade carrier, which is compatible with BC (UK) and ES (EU/USA) bulb holders.

This lampshade is made of our wallpaper called All Year Hellebores SOANE and pictures hand drawn Hellebores on a yellow coloured background. The new colourway SOANE is inspired by an old classic English wall colour, which gives a room a warm glow.

Explore all our wallpapers and do not hesitate to enquire for other sizes, shapes, or designs. Measurements are approximate.

Base diameter: 16 in – 41 cm
Slope: 11.5 in – 29 cm
Top diameter: 8 in – 20 cm
Height: 11 in – 28 cm

Kindly note: For orders outside the UK mainland, please get in touch with us via office@upton-noble.com.