How Much Wallpaper Do I need?

Technical Assistance

Most standard wallpaper rolls, which are made in Europe, have dimensions of 10 metres × 0.52 metre, which amounts to 5 square metres. The following calculation will help you to estimate the amount of rolls necessary for your individual room or wall. 

We can only give recommendations and we suggest to double check with your decorator, how much paper is needed. He needs to know the roll length, width, pattern repeat and your room dimensions. Please keep in mind that it is always good to have a little extra amount of wallpaper for unforeseen work.


    1. Step: (width of the wall + repeat) * height wall = X m²
    2. Step: Round up the result up to a whole number
    3. Step: Dividing the surface area of the wall (X) by the surface of the wallpaper roll: X ÷ 5 = Y
    4. Round up Y to whole number and you have the required number of rolls

    For example:

    The width of the wall is 3.40 metres and height 2.80 metres.
    Repeat of the wallpaper pattern is 0.2 metre
    1. (3.45 + 0.2) × 2.8 = 10.22 m² 
    2. Round up to 11 
    3. 11 ÷ 5 = 2,2
    4. round up to 3

    You will need 3 rolls of wallpaper.

    Kindly keep in mind

    All estimates must be calculated in same units, ideally in metres.

    By “repeat“ we mean a number (usually in cm!) that can be found with the technical specs online and on the wallpaper label. It indicates the length or the interval after which the wallpaper pattern repeats. This interval must be respected when individual wallpaper strips fitted together for seamless continuation of the pattern.

    From Wiltshire with love,

    Sophie & Viktoria 

    (and Ernest the pheasant, our technical advisor)